RE Unit Studies      UPDATE:  This project is on hiatus until July 2015.

Below you will find unit studies that I compiled for my Kindergartener and available to you for free download.  We are studying the Bible chronologically beginning with Genesis and ending with Pentecost.

Activities Featured in Each Unit:

IMG_3399 IMG_3586IMG_3593

  • The Bible Story: I use The Catholic Children’s Bible, but a specific Bible is not necessary.
  • A Memory Verse
  • Craft
  • Lapbook or Worksheets
  • Song
  • Game
  • Journaling
  • 10 Day Lesson Plans: Easily adaptable to 5 days if you prefer to move faster.  Just do two days worth of plans on one day, or cut out some activities.

Units also include instructions for completing the activities and links for downloading activities that were not created by me.  I expect to upload a new unit about every two weeks after we have completed it.

For Non-Catholic Christians:  Don’t run away!  While I will focus on specifically Catholic things from time to time, this is a general, Christian Bible study, using any translation of the Bible.  You are free to teach and explain the Bible stories according to your specific doctrine.  If one of the activities does not appeal to you, simply substitute your own.

Click the links below to download the file (in PDF format*):

  • Unit 1: Creation
  • Unit 2: Adam and Eve
  • Mini-Unit: Noah’s Ark
  • Unit 3: Abraham and Isaac
  • Unit 4: Joseph and Dreams
  • Unit 5: Moses and the 10 Commandments
  • Mini-Unit: Joshua and Jericho
  • Unit 6: David
  • Unit 7: Prophets
  • Unit 8: Christmas
  • Unit 9: Baptism
  • Unit 10: The Apostles
  • Unit 11: Miracles
  • Mini-Unit: Eucharist and Pope
  • Unit 12: Disciples of Christ
  • Unit 13: Parables
  • Unit 14: The Passion
  • Unit 15: Crucifixion and Ressurection
  • Unit 16: Ascension and Pentecost

*You will need a PDF reader to view these downloads.  You can download Adobe Reader for free here.

Disclosure and Copyright:  See Our Catholic Homeschool’s legal information.

Disclaimer:  I am not now, nor will I ever be, nor have I ever been the voice of The Catholic Church. I speak with absolutely no authority whatsoever. I am a simple and humble member, striving by the grace of God, to remain true to Her teachings. Any failings or faults are strictly my own and should not be held against the Church, the Pope, my parish or priest, my first-grade Sunday school teacher, or my mother.

God bless and may Christ’s peace be with you always.