Welcome to Our Catholic Homeschool blog! I am dedicated to educating my children according to the revelation of Our Lord, Jesus Christ as handed down to us through His Church and providing them with a challenging classical curriculum.

Why Catholic?

While in high school and college, I became interested in learning about the teachings of the Catholic Church. Many of my friends were Catholic and I wanted to know what they knew. I began reading and praying, then reading some more. Eventually, I felt the Catholic Church calling me home and I submitted to Her teaching authority. I was received into full communion at Easter in 2002. When my husband and I were engaged and planning our wedding, he decided that he also wanted to see if the Catholic Church should be his home. After completing RCIA, he was baptized and confirmed at Easter in 2004 and we were married a few months later. We both love the Church completely and thank God for Her. We strive to pass that love and understanding to our children.

 If you are interested in learning more about Catholicism, I recommend Catholic Answers or any book written by Scott Hahn.

Why Homeschool?

Just like joining the Church, and then deciding to be a stay-at-home mom, I felt God truly calling me to homeschool my sons. At home, God can be part of our learning as I tailor their education to fit their needs and interests. All the while, we can learn to love each other and grow in virtue. There are things that the public schools just cannot teach – patience, charity, perseverance, and more. These are the lessons that I want my children to learn.

After much consideration and more reading, I have decided to pursue a mostly classical curriculum. You can read more about this style of learning and teaching here.

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Why Blog?

When I began my discernment into homeschooling, I looked to the blogging world for advice and information. While I found a wealth of both of those things, I did notice there were not as many current Catholic homeschooling blogs. I loved some of the materials and curriculum recommendations offered on other wonderful sites, but I was reluctant to purchase materials without some kind of an unofficial Catholic approval. While my blog is designed to catalogue and share this experience with family and friends, I also want this blog to serve my fellow homeschoolers, especially Catholics. I know you are out there, and I hope that I can offer some support and encouragement as we all strive to give our children a Rock solid education.

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