Last week ended with a bang as Alex, Ryan, and Daddy went to the end-of-the-year cub scout cook-out party.  Ryan has been going to several of the cub scout meetings the past month and is super excited about it.  He has been looking forward to this cook-out for two weeks.

The highlights were retiring a flag in the fire pit and roasting s’mores.  They didn’t get home until well after bedtime, but still had to take baths and showers because they smelled like campfire.  Everyone slept well that night.

Now for this week.

Priest 1st CommI started the day in style with a pedicure and ladies lunch.  It was one last hurrah before baby #4 arrives for my friend.  She is due in less than a week.  I made it home just in time to help hubby spruce the place up (you know, kick the toys under the couch) and fix an early dinner for our arriving guests.

Festivities kicked off with a small party at 4:30 followed by Alex’s First Communion Mass at 6:00.  I must say, in all my years since becoming a convert, I’ve never felt more out of place than during picture time for the first communicants.  I showed up with just me and Alex expecting a few staged photos with all the kids and Father.  Apparently, this is when the family can take photos together as well. Everyone else had at least one pew full of people with them already.

After a few meager photos, Alex went to wait with his friends, and I attempted to maintain the tenuous grasp I had on my one pew.  Once Mass began, things went smoothly again.  Kendall and I did the readings.  Alex answered, out loud, what I believe was a rhetorical question in the middle of Father’s homily.  At least he had the good sense to raise his hand first.  It was a very memorable evening.

Family 1st Comm

Typical Monday with PE, a trip to the park, and late naps for the babies.  We attempted to recover from our weekend.

It became incredibly apparent to me this day that it is time to get back into a routine.  We are finished with school, but have spent the last month or so wallowing around the house watching a lot of TV.

Today there was a lot of whining and laziness (mostly from me and Ryan).

Okay, back to a routine first thing today with a 6AM wake up call.  Getting up at 6AM is the only way that I am assured at least one hour of uninterrupted mommy time.  That is the only way to start the day right.  I get to have coffee, say prayers, read, blog, and collect my thoughts all before a child needs anything.  At 7, Alex is usually awake, but he keeps to himself for an hour.  By 8, everyone is awake.

After breakfast, we did morning chores.  This is always a challenge for the boys.  Alex wants to get right to reading and Ryan is heading off in all directions to play.  I feel like I have to reign them in from getting their day going.  Sometimes I feel bad about that, but then I remember that we all have to contribute to the chores or I might go crazy.

With some chores complete, we played with babies and then did our ‘summer school.’  That means Alex practiced handwriting and math.  We wrapped up the morning with a light lunch and early quiet time.  The afternoon was playdate with our friends.

Yay for a routine!  The night didn’t go so well though.  I helped hubby get the babies into bed and them had to do grocery shopping until after 9.  I was beat when I got home but had to clean the kitchen and iron some clothes before going to bed.  Just as I turned out my light, Josh woke up and had a bout of separation anxiety until 1AM.  Completely exhausted, I passed out and did NOT wake up at 6 the next morning.

Obviously, this morning did not start out great.  I slept in as much as I could before having to babysit for my friend.  The kids were a bit crabby all morning.  We had early naptime and that got everything back on track.  I struggled through and stuck to my cleaning and cooking schedule even though I really wanted to sit on the couch instead.

I feel like this is the first time in the past two years that I have been able to even consider a regular household routine.  Over Lent, I had a clean out the house project and was able to declutter a bit.  Now I can start cleaning things that I haven’t touched since Cooper was born.

I plan on taking it easy for most of today.  We have a trip to the OKC zoo in the morning for my niece’s annual birthday bash.  That will make for a very long and exhausting (but fun) day.

Oh, and in other news, the tooth fairy is a loser and forgot to come to our house last night.  She may be fired.

Have a great weekend!


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The One With the 1st First Communion — 4 Comments

  1. What an important week for your family with First Communion for Alex! :-)

    We also have an absent minded tooth fairy. It’s become a family joke.

    Thanks for sharing your weekly wrap-up!

  2. The tooth fairy must be getting old or absentminded because she has forgotten to come to our house at least once with every child. There have also been times when she didn’t come during the night, but somehow snuck into the child’s room and did her thing while he ate breakfast.

  3. Two of ours made their First Communion as well. Don’t they just grow up so darned fast? (We’ve had ours answer all types of questions or shout amen like it’s a revival meeting, so I totally understand.) It looks like a really good week. Hrm, that reminds me did the tooth fairy come to our house last time?? I might have to ask the kiddos LOL

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