When it became apparent to me that Josh and Cooper’s birthdates were going to be two weeks apart, I declared that they would celebrate together from here on out.  This year, they also got to celebrate with the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I hope they weren’t jealous.

I haven’t the slightest idea what happened on Saturday, so skipping ahead.

Cooper Party HatSunday
We kicked off Easter 2014 with baskets, breakfast, and Mass. It was so crowded at church that hubby had to scrounge around in the classrooms for extra chairs to bring into the chapel.  That’s a pretty awesome problem to have.

We high-tailed it home afterwards to make a great big salad, pack up the filled Easter eggs, and head on over to Aunt Caren’s house for the Easter/Birthday hoopla.  We shared lunch, egg hunting, gifts and cake with the family.  I feel quite proud to have survived the year.

We went to PE for what will be the very last time with Ryan’s bestest friend.  He will be off to pre-K next year and will not be joining Ryan anymore.  My friend has a two-year-old daughter that could join the PE class when she and Cooper are four, but calling them friends would be a bit of a stretch.  The relationship has been rocky at best.

We ventured back into nature journaling today, though I am not positive that I properly identified what we drew.  I still need to locate a good Oklahoma field guide.  Ryan really impressed me this time.  Not only did he find the flower in the first place which was really hard to see, he was very eager to draw this time.

I wrapped up the evening by taking Alex to reconciliation.  He has a big day coming up!

Josh 1st Bday CakeWednesday
Ugh – did I mention yet that hubby’s work made changes to our health insurance this year which resulted in me now having to drive at least 45 minutes away to take the boys to a doctor.  Well, that happened and it is a giant pain in my ass. (Pardon the strong language.  I assure you, it is warranted.)  So bright and early at the crack of 8AM, I dropped Alex and Ryan off with my super-pregnant friend, told her not to have the baby today, and headed off to Edmond so that a man could tell me that Cooper is healthy.

Josh went with me and hubby met us at the doctor’s office to run interference.  Three hours later I was back home and thoroughly exhausted for the day.  At least the baby didn’t scream the whole way there and back like he did last time.

We ended the night with rehearsal for Alex’s first communion.

Playdate with the friends that we just saw yesterday and Monday.  I think I had Alex finish up a map activity workbook from Seton.  We have pretty much shelved the schoolwork until July.  I guess we needed a break.  It seems to have just naturally settled in over the past two weeks.

Oh, and I got to go grocery shopping in the evening.  Woot.

On tap this morning is Women’s Prayer Group (All the Maters).  We are currently reading Matthew Kelly’s The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic.  {Amazon links are my affiliate links.} It is a good read and really makes you consider what you can do to grow in holiness.  I would say this book is good for any Christian, not just Catholics.

It should be an exciting evening as Alex has a cub scout den party.  Families are invited and Ryan has been stoked about it for two weeks.  They are going to roast hot dogs and make s’mores.

Saturday is first communion for Alex.  Next week looks to slow down considerably, thank goodness.  I hope you are all enjoying your spring!


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    • Hi Nichole! I don’t have any field guides yet to help identify plants. Mostly I just use Google. As far as a guide to how to do a nature journal, I’ve read a few Charlotte Mason books recently and again have Googled around for some CM blogs. I’m wingin’ it quite a bit.

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