I hope everyone had a great week.  The motto around here lately is “Survive and Advance.”  We seem to be accomplishing that goal every time.  Qapla’!

I started the morning with grocery shopping.  Sales were not great today except for some produce at Aldi.  I like to buy meat from a regional store chain called Food Pyramid.  They typically have marked down meat on Saturday morning, but they were wiped out of almost everything this morning.  Not sure what that was about, but I was stuck paying over $3 a pound for hamburger meat.

Everyone was finally healthy enough to go to Mass and Sunday school.  Our long-time nursery workers retired from duty before the holidays and college students have been taking over the job.  Which means that the nursery has been without staff for almost six weeks.  Now, I can’t actually leave my babies there.  Cooper throws a fit and Josh is too young to be left alone (per the nursery rules).  But, I do appreciate having a worker in there.  At least I have someone to talk to.

The church also forgot/didn’t leave the nursery open for parents to use.  I know how to get in through another room, but no one else seems to so I was stuck in there, just me and the babies, for most of Mass.  We also have a baby cry area, but the glass doors leading into the chapel were left open.  Cooper made a mad dash for the pews at least twice before I decided that wasn’t worth it and broke into the nursery instead.

THEN, I tried to take the babies back inside the chapel for communion, but someone had already slightly opened the doors to the kitchen.  They usually do not do that until after Mass.  Cooper saw the light from the kitchen and started yelling,  “Donut!”  We had to leave again.

Most of the parishioners and the priest are all very welcoming of children.  No one ever gets shushed or glared at, but my goodness, they didn’t make it easy on me this day.

In better news, I performed a miracle during Sunday school to everyone’s amazement by turning water into….colored water.

We tried to get some schoolwork done, but accomplished very little.  I’m pretty sure Alex thinks that Martin Luther King, Jr. fought in the Civil War.  Progress on making a pinewood derby car was made. And finally, the boys were put to bed and I watched Castle.

Josh greeted the day at 5:25AM.  It actually turned out to be a pretty decent day since I was up before (most of) the kids.  I was quite productive doing laundry, keeping the kitchen clean, and giving two haircuts.  I really wish I would get up early every day.  I also wish that I could get 8 hours of sleep in a row.  Sometimes we just don’t get we want.

FINALLY had a playdate with our friends.  It had been more than a month!  I also began sprucing up my YouTube page to mesh with the blog.  I plan on using it with Mother of Divine Grace syllabi next year.  The tentative plan is to use a combination of second and third grades for Alex and kindergarten for Ryan.  We won’t use every subject, but one of the things that I really liked about Seton this year was having a daily lesson plan for at least our core subjects.  I am hoping that MODG gives us that daily plan in a more classical style.

We’ll see.  MODG encourages more discussion than writing in the elementary years, which is what I prefer.  However, some days it is impossible to hear anyone speak around here with Josh’s constant fussing, Cooper’s constant commotion, and Ryan’s constant interruptions.  I’m sure whatever I choose will be a disaster in its own little way.  Can you tell that I’m ready to start fresh with a new year already?

We survived our morning and accomplished learning about St. Stephen of Hungary.  It was such a stereotypical homeschool lesson.  I had a baby on my hip so he wouldn’t cry, the toddler was pulling things off the shelf behind me, Ryan was seated across from Alex at the table, interrupting my reading and discussion every third word, and Alex tried to learn through the chaos.  By the grace of God, it was actually a successful lesson.  If only I didn’t feel like I were yelling every lesson just to be heard above the circus.

Derby CarIn other news, the derby car is ready for weigh in tomorrow.

We managed to finish up 90% of the scheduled schoolwork plus another 10-15% of unschooled stuff.  I gave Alex a haircut, too, so overall, a very successful day.  The big event was weighing in the car for the derby.  Ryan got to go, too.  Dad managed to get the weight of the car right up to the 5 ounce limit.  We’ll see if it wins any races tomorrow.

Big plans for the weekend include the derby for the big boys and a date to see Chicago for hubby and me.  We’ll wrap it up with Mass, Sunday school, and dinner with Aunt Caren.

Have a great one!


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The One With the First Pinewood Derby — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds like a busy week! I like your motto.. “Survive and Advance”… it would work here, too! The Derby car looks great!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I included the link to the post with our Derby pics above (in case your’re interested). 🙂

  2. So glad you are feeling better.
    We switched to Seton because I thought MODG was too light on writing. It’s working better for my child. I love that we have so many choices.

    You got a lot done lady.
    I love the donut story. I know you didn’t… but to a mom like me, with a boy like that – it makes me feel less alone.

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