This is the last of my preschool preview posts before moving on to real school!  Ryan is super excited.  I can’t hardly keep him away from the activities that I am preparing for his first week.  He wants to do them right now.

A friend of mine asked if I could laminate the pieces of this Paint Brush Color Match file folder game for her son.  I went ahead and made one for Ryan, too, since I already had the laminator fired up.  He enjoyed it, but he is pretty solid on his colors already.  It was a good opportunity for him to practice being gentle with his activities though.  I spent a long time making this, and he’s crazy if he thinks I am going to let him destroy it in thirty seconds.

Sorting by color

Color Sort File Folder Game

The next thing we tried is one of the six piece puzzles from the Letter of the Week Curriculum.  I’m just not sure how to go about presenting these.  First, I printed them on cardstock, but the pieces wiggle around a lot and Ryan was very frustrated by that.  So, I tried using velcro dots on each piece and having him velcro the pieces in place.

Apple Tree Puzzle with velcro

This was better, but the pieces still move around a bit.  I used a sheet protector as the puzzle base so I can slip in a black and white copy of the puzzle.  He still needs something to match to with these puzzles. 

Apple Tree Puzzle

This method will work for now, but I hate to use so many velcro dots.  They aren’t exactly cheap.  I may try buying a big strip of velcro from a fabric store and gluing small pieces onto the back of the puzzle.

There you have it.  Our summer pre-preschool is complete!  Only two more weeks until school starts.



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