We finished our first official curriculum!  The following is a comprehensive review.  I hope you find it helpful.

PRODUCTS WE USED: Handwriting Without Tears
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Approximately $25 pre-shipping and purchased new for the workbook, teacher’s manual, slate chalkboard, and notebook paper.  I created my own gray block paper and used chalk and sponges already on hand.  I ordered straight from the HWT website, but you can also find Handwriting Without Tears products on Amazon.


This curriculum was used to teach a 5 year old, left-handed boy at the Kindergarten level.  He began the year with very limited handwriting experience, but was already capable of identifying and ‘drawing’ all of his letters and numbers.  He did make a few of his letters and numbers backwards, but not due to any medical or learning disability.


  • Lessons are short and simple for reluctant writers.  The child concentrates on making only 5 or 6 copies of a letter at a time, but making those few his very best effort.
  • Examples are easily referenced for lefties or righties.
  • Directions help to avoid and correct letter and number reversals.


  • The binding on the workbook can make writing difficult.  Spiral bound would have been better.
  • None of the instructions seemed incredibly innovative.  Parents that have taught a child how to write some letters already may not need to spend the money on a handwriting curriculum.


I found this workbook helpful as a first-time homeschooler teaching a child who was a bit of a reluctant writer and had very little experience.  I do not regret the purchase, however, now that I have gone through the first workbook and feel more comfortable teaching this skill, we will not be purchasing another curriculum until we are ready for cursive.  I rarely used the teacher’s manual since the stroke directions for the letters are included in the student book.  I did find the chalk and slate very helpful for correcting capital letter and number reversals.

More experienced homeschoolers could probably skip the expense of a curriculum all together and simply use lined paper to teach handwriting through copywork and eventually dictation. 


I am not affiliated with Handwriting Without Tears in any way.  All comments are my own opinion based on personal experience.  Handwriting Without Tears did not provide any of the above materials to me for free and did not solicit a review. 

I am an Amazon affiliate.  Read my full disclosure on affiliate links.


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