For those of us who like to fiddle with numbers and eat food – may I introduce to you my

Grocery Tracking Spreadsheet!


This sheet is designed primarily for families who shop weekly and have a set monthly budget for groceries. This will help you stay on a weekly budget, even though you may have to overspend one week in order to buy those pricey once-a-month purchases. The tracker spreads the cost of those monthly purchases over the rest of the weeks to help you see if you are staying on budget overall. Hopefully, this will avoid those nasty times where you end up with $20 left in your wallet and it is only the 15th of the month.

The spreadsheet is available in two formats, Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft Excel 97-2003.  If you are in doubt about what version is best for you, use the older version (97-2003).  You may also wish to download the tutorial PDF, if you would like a mini-tour of how the sheet works.

Both formats contain an example budget of $75 per week and a blank grocery form for you to use.  You will first need to fill in your weekly budget amount in the red box.  Also, the example form is not protected, but the blank grocery form is.  You may unprotect it without a password if you would like to change the formulas.

You can make tracking your purchases as detailed or as simple as you like.  Some weeks I put in every single product purchased and other weeks I stick to broader categories such as dairy, snacks, and drinks.  When time is really tight, I may skip the budgeting part all together and just enter in how much I spent at each store.  I hope you will find this useful, and please let me know if you have any problems with the calculations.  Thanks!

(Please see my legal disclosures regarding the use of downloaded files.)


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