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We finished up our first RE unit study this week with our very first lapbook!  I compiled the parts of this 7 days of creation lapbook from various places and added my own parts as well.  Too many of the lapbooks I found online had a lot of coloring pages, and Alex is not much for coloring.  Instead, I try to fill his lapbooks with activities that he can do over and over again.

For the front cover, we just decorated it with crayons.  He made a picture of himself and I did the lettering.


For the inside, I used coloring pages from Holy Spirit Interactive and some that I made.  These pages tell the creation story from Genesis.  We put days 1-6 in the middle of the inside and day 7 on the back.


The inside left panel has two mini-book that I made about things that God made and things that man made.  I also shrunk down the creation worksheet from Lapbook Lessons and laminated it.


The inside right panel has a copy of a memory verse and an envelope filled with the cards for the memory match game, also from Lapbook Lessons.  I used a regular envelope and glued down the triangular flap only.


Finally, a look at the back of our lapbook – the day 7 coloring page.


All of the parts of this lapbook that I made, as well as more activities about God’s Creation can be found on my Religious Education Unit Studies page.  Just download Unit 1: Creation and you will find everything you need to complete a 10 day unit study.  Enjoy!


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