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After trying a classical method of teaching religious education (RE) and having that fail miserably, I have decided to change things up a bit.  Alex was just not remembering the Bible story after having heard it one time the day before, and I found myself needing to supplement with a lot of activities.  I realized that what we are doing has morphed into a unit study.  Lots more planning for me, but at least I get to share some awesome RE projects with you!

I prepared a Days of Creation paper craft for him so that he could not only learn the story, but begin to understand God’s purpose for creation.  Here is what we used:


  • 1 piece of black construction paper
  • 1 piece of white paper, cut to fit onto the black paper with some margin on the top and bottom.
  • 2 shades of blue paper, cut into circles to fit on the white paper.  Lighter shade should be a little larger than the darker shade.
  • Yellow paper cut to look like a sun.
  • Gray or blue paper cut to look like the moon.
  • Brown paper cut to look like land shapes, small enough to fit on the smaller blue circle.
  • Stickers – stars, animals, birds, and fish (Don’t forget flowers and plants like I did.)
  • Labels describing what was created on each day.
  • Glue


We broke the lesson up into several days.  First we talked about creation days 1-3.  I described how on the first 3 days, God created realms (places, spaces) out of nothing.

IMG_3335Day 1:  Glue the white paper onto the black paper.  “Let there be light.”

Day 2:  Glue the light blue circle in the middle of the white sheet.  Glue the dark blue circle onto the light blue circle.  God separated the waters.

Day 3:  Glue the brown land pieces onto the dark blue circle.  God created land.  You could also draw some trees or flowers or use stickers.  I forgot about plants.  Oops.

Finally, glue the labels for days 1-3 in the top, black margin.

The next time we worked on the craft, we discussed how God filled these three realms with rulers, culminating in man, made in His image and given dominion over the world.


Day 4:  Place the sun, moon, and stars in the white space around the blue circles.

Day 5:  Use stickers or draw birds and fish in the sky and seas.

Day 6:  Place animals and humans on the land.

Finish by gluing the label for days 4-6 in the bottom, black margin.

For Day 7, we discussed the ways that we rest and honor God and he drew some pictures on a blank sheet of paper labeled Day 7.

And finally, the toddler version of this craft.  Just in case you need to keep some little hands on their own project.


This craft is also part of my Religious Education Unit Studies package!  I am so excited to offer this to you, completely free.  Each unit includes activities, pintables, a schedule, and instructions for a 10 day lesson.  Activities for the unit include Bible reading, journaling, lapbooks, games, songs, and crafts.  Units will be presented chronologically beginning with Unit 1: Creation and will be at a Kindergarten level. 


7 Days of Creation Craft — 6 Comments

  1. What a wonderful project! I would definitely be interested in this and whatever else you have put together! My kids love hands-on projects and I do find it is such a good way for them to remember their religion lessons, as well as other subjects, too! :-)

    I hope you had a great holiday!
    God bless,

  2. Thank you so much for uploading this fantastic craft. We included it as part of our C.C. on Creation and the kids absolutely loved it. When we did a review the following class, the kids remembered everything and I’m sure it was because they retained the lesson from doing this craft.

    • Fabulous! I have used the same idea in felt form as a storyboard for my Kindergarten RE class. I haven’t yet tried the craft with the whole class yet.

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