MODG 3RD GRD History: Substitute for If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad

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Below is a sneak peak of a substitute book or two for the Mother of Divine Grace history readings in the third grade syllabus.  While the listed books are great choices, some may be expensive or even out of print.  I am trying to save money by finding adequate substitutes at my local library.

No, you aren’t crazy.  I am going back in time to deliver a history substitute to you.  That is just how dedicated I am to my readers.  The end of Alex’s third grade year is kind of a blur now, so I honestly can’t tell you if he even read this book.  We just sort of stopped doing school in the middle of April.  But since I already had this post ready to go, I figured I would release it onto the internet anyway, just in case someone out there is preparing your very own Mother of Divine Grace 3rd grade year.  You’re welcome.

Week 31 of the syllabus assigns If You Traveled on The Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine as supplementary reading.  My local library does not carry any of these If You… series of books.

In an earlier post about a Columbus substitute, I told you about David Adler’s biography series.  He has one of those about Harriet Tubman, but I did not prefer it over Escape North! The Story of Harriet Tubman by Monica Kulling.


If I recall, Adler’s book included a picture of Harriet aiming a gun at another slave’s head to encourage him to keep moving.  While it was a vivid example of the passion she held for helping people escape slavery, it just didn’t sit well with my sensibilities.  I usually read these history books aloud during tea time with my preschoolers present.

Escape North! does plenty to illustrate the terrible conditions that Harriet was forced to endure as a child slave.

Tubman 2

This is a Step Into Reading Grade 2-3 book.  It is probably easy enough for an average to advanced third grader to read alone, but short enough to include as a one session read aloud with other children.

As always, feel free to comment with any other Harriet Tubman or underground railroad books that you have found and enjoy.  I take a bit of a Charlotte Mason approach to history supplements and look for dialogue and a good story rather than a lot of facts and dates.


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Pocket Calendar Saints Cards for July 2015


Pocket Calendar Saints Cards July 2015 |

The next set of FREE printable pocket calendar saint cards for July 2015 is here!

If you are seeing these cards for the first time, take a look at all of the liturgical information included in each card. (This is an example from August.)

Saints Cards Pocket Calendar Example |

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August will mark the one year anniversary of these calendar cards. From August on out, I will have a full set to download, plus a supplement set for those of you who can reuse the cards you already printed last year.

Please feel free to share this post on all social media and blogs. Do make sure to link directly to this post or the saints & liturgy index page and not the actual document.


image credits for July 2015 calendar cards (all images are in the public domain)

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: These cards measure 3 inches by 2-7/8 inches when printed. If you need smaller cards for your size calendar, I suggest printing the pdf at a percentage of the original. I have this pocket chart (affiliate link) and print my cards at 75%. These cards are designed to fit the standard Lakeshore Learning pocket calendar seen in the photo at the top of the post.

REUSEABLE: My plan is to create a new set each month for the next year. When August 2015 rolls around, I will create a new set in addition to a supplement set for each month thereafter. Feel free to laminate and keep your cards for use again next year, and you should only need the supplement set for most of the months.

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