{7QT} The One With My Thoughts About Noah…The Movie, Not The Man

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Well, hello there, everyone.  That’s right.  There is still a real live person behind all of these product reviews and saints cards.  It feels like ages since I wrote a journal-type post.  Things keep getting in the way, I suppose.  Four things in particular, but I won’t name any names.

So, let me catch you up on what has been going on around here during our spring.  It isn’t much school.  In fact, I have plans to start our next year on June 2nd so that we will finish up in March.  This group is just all done with lessons when winter is over.

1| In April, Cooper celebrated three years of life.  This means many things for him, but mainly it means potty training.  I implemented a 3 day training system like the one Kendra wrote about here.  I followed her ideas very closely, except that after the first day, he wore loose boxer shorts instead of being naked.  It took him a week to finally get it and another week to gain full independence.  What shocked me most is that he night trained himself immediately.  I was expecting another 6 months to a year of nighttime diapering.  What a money saver!

2| We took a week off in February to give Alex a standardized test.  This is not required in Oklahoma, but I wanted to test him anyway.  He enjoyed it immensely and no, that statement isn’t sarcastic.  The scores were highly entertaining.  I especially like the ones that correlate to a grade level.  Let’s just say that if what he knows about social studies is equivalent to an eighth grade education, maybe that subject isn’t exactly serving our public school students very well.

3| Predictably, one of Alex’s struggles was in math computation.  That means doing math problems fast.  We have most definitely slacked off on drill and mastery the past few years.  I was using xtramath.org, but that was becoming boring.  Over our spring break, I have switched to practicing addition with the free version of Big Brainz and for multiplication, I print out an extra worksheet page from Math-U-See with 25 problems.  You can select a range of lessons to include, so I began with the first few from Gamma.  Once he can complete that sheet in 2 minutes or less, I add another lesson or take away the easier one (x1, x0, etc.)  We might go back to xtramath when he gets bored of this routine.

4|  Josh also had a birthday.  We celebrated his with our annual zoo trip.  Highlights include a playful otter and bats.  We did not get a family picture like usual, because, well, we were trying not to lose any children at a crowded zoo.  All four of them were fully mobile this year.

OKC Zoo 2015

5| Hubby and I stayed up too late a few nights ago to watch Noah which finally made it to Netflix.  I remember the reviews were mixed.  Now I have terrible taste in movies, but I enjoyed it.  I was particularly struck by Noah’s struggle to discern God’s will.  Several characters in the movie can be seen pleading to God to speak to them, to give them a clear sign.  I can relate to that feeling of confusion and abandonment and found that to be a very moving part of the film.  To give a more balanced review, I did not like the analogy of meat-eaters being evil and vegetarians being good.  I get that there needed to be a dichotomy between the people who remain faithful to God and those who do not, but I think a better illustration could have been chosen. Anyway, that is my one-paragraph review, for what it is worth.

6| Many months ago, the big thing on the interwebs was capsule wardrobes.  (A small amount of seasonally appropriate clothes in your closet and that is all.)  I immediately discovered that almost everything I owned fit neatly into a capsule of ‘decades old and good for all seasons.’  I typically hate half of my clothes, so I decided to pull everything out that would belong in a summer/air conditioning capsule.  It is moderately pathetic for someone way past college-age, but speaks volumes about my values.  Just take a look at these seven fitted tees that made the cut.

GoooOOO sports teams!

7| Mother’s Day was supposed to be a shopping trip with my mom and sisters, you know, to diversify my T-shirt collection, but there was a possibility of tornadoes so we have postponed.  I did get to do a little shopping around town to fill out that capsule thingy, but my choices are more limited than they are in the city.

Hubby made me an awesome brunch, French toast and bacon, yum.

It is a little belated, but I would like to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day!  May your syrup be maple and your berries be straw.


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