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Hi everyone.  I wasn’t kicked off the internet last week, so I am back for another 7 Quick Takes Weekly Wrap-up.

1| A quick trip to the local Hastings gave me reason #173 of why I don’t like to take children shopping.  And I thought the grocery store checkout lane was bad!

Hastings FacebookI’ve never been one to promote a boycott, but I seriously doubt there is anything sold at Hastings that I cannot purchase elsewhere.

2| There are only a few days left to take advantage of the 50% of Mr. Q Classic Science sale.  I’ve been flipping through the Chemistry and Physics books already.  I think Alex is really going to enjoy next year.  I am on the lookout for ecology type books for the year after next, so let me know if you have one you love.

Mr. Q science

3| I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what ‘type’ of homeschoolers we are.  I like to say classical because that sounds noble.  If you were to call me out on that lie, then I would say eclectic.  But I am coining a new term – Flexible Homeschooler.  You do what you gotta do any given day to get the job done.  Some days that looks classical, others more Charlotte Masony, and a large part for us – unschooling.  Here is some good advice about staying flexible, especially with small children around.


4| Last week I told you about how I invented bullet journals but didn’t really give it a name or a system or a place on the internet.  Well, I also invented using spiral notebooks as your child’s lesson planner and I did write about that.  I stumbled upon this post from Amongst Lovely Things earlier this week and it reminded me of it.  I think I will go back to writing Alex’s assignments like this again, since we are flexible homeschoolers around here.

spiral notebook homeschool lesson planner

I’m pretty sure that no one actually ends up following the pre-written lesson plans exactly, even if they write their own.  I spend hours making charts and spreadsheets, then weeks like this happen where someone is sick and we are ‘behind.”  Writing down assignments on an as we go daily basis should help me not feel like a failure.

5| Alex’s writing assignment for the week was to write something.  He worked a bit on a story he is crafting, but didn’t seem to have much inspiration.  He ended up putting that away and getting out a cute hard-bound journal that ISanta put in his stocking.  Now I thought this would be a fantastic thing for stories or cartoons or daily thoughts on life. Maybe a bit of poetry when the muse struck.  What does he choose?  To log the weather – multiple times a day.  I think he was born 40 just like his mother.

weather journal

6| Alex received some pretty great gifts this Christmas.  His dad and I got him a kit from Makedo.  This toy is AWESOME.  We actually got him two of the Toolkit Starter packages which seems just about the right amount for one or two children to make cardboard creations.  He has made a couple versions of a cat tower so far, wearing his ‘safety glasses’ of course.

7|  Just in case you are new to the blog from 7QT or the Weekly Wrap-up, I’ve spent the last week on the blog writing about preparing your finances to quit your job and stay home with your children.  I know many of us have already done that, but I bet your finances could use some freshening up.

10 Financial Steps to Becoming a Stay at Home Mom

Hopefully next week Alex will be feeling better and we can have one of those productive school weeks.  They happen occasionally.  See you then.


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