Lesson-by-Lesson Comparison of Saxon 5/4 and MathUSee

First things first before we get to the lesson-by-lesson comparison of Saxon 5/4 and Math-U-See:  I love Math-U-See.  I’ve talked about it many times over the past three plus years.  Just check out the reviews.  I believe it is one of the best programs for introducing mathematics to a young child.

mathusee review

That being said, I never planned on using Math-U-See (MUS) past an elementary level.  Many reviews state that the program is not rigorous above the elementary level and may be best suited for students that only need a passing, high-school level mathematics education or remedial assistance.  The question became, when will I switch programs and what program will we use after MUS.

Completely unrelated to math, we began using the Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) syllabus this year for third grade.  MODG uses Saxon math, specifically Saxon 5/4 in the fourth grade.  I happened to stumble upon used copies of Saxon 5/4 and 6/5, 2nd editions for a good price and decided to see what all the fuss was about.  I had heard through the internet buzz that Saxon is a rigorous, spiral program that will have students college ready.  As with most math programs, some people love it and others hate it.  I also read many reports saying that the Saxon levels K-3 are quite a bit different from level 5/4 on up.

Given all that above data and my preview of the Saxon texts, I concluded that we would switch to Saxon 5/4 as outlined in the MODG 4th grade syllabus next year.  My next hurdle was how to make the MUS to Saxon transition.  They are very different programs, MUS being mastery based and Saxon being spiral.  After many hours of pouring over the lesson plans and books, I have compiled the following detailed comparison of Saxon 5/4, 2nd edition and the first four required levels of Math-U-See (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta).

If you find yourself considering this switch, download the document above and take a look at how the two programs match up.  It is my humble opinion that switching after the student has finished MUS Delta will be the best time to make the move to Saxon 5/4.  Along with reviewing and solidifying material from MUS, there will be 46 lessons in Saxon 5/4 that I consider “new” concepts or applications for the MUS student.  This timing should make for a gentle move allowing the student to continue to build on previous skills while learning the layout and jargon of the new program.

Saxon Math U See CompareI hope you find this to be a useful tool for your curriculum planning and feel free to share this post.  I will be sure to write next year about how the transition actually goes!


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