Pocket Calendar Saints Cards for October 2014

October 2014 Calendar Saints Cards

The next set of FREE printable pocket calendar cards featuring October saints and feasts is here!

If you are seeing these cards for the first time, take a look at all of the liturgical information that each one has to offer. (This is an example from August.)

Saints Cards Pocket Calendar Example

Click Here to Download the October 2014 Cards
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October includes the types of cards that have already been seen, including Feria Days, Feasts, and Saturday Marian Devotions.  Check out the post from September if you would like to take a look at some more examples. Enjoy and please spread the word!

image credits for October 2014 calendar cards (all images are in the public domain)

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: These cards measure 3 inches by 2-7/8 inches when printed.  If you need smaller cards for your size calendar, I suggest printing the pdf at a percentage of the original.  I have this pocket chart (affiliate link) and print my cards at 75%.  These cards are designed to fit the standard Lakeshore Learning pocket calendar seen in the photo at the top of the post.

REUSEABLE:  My plan is to create a new set each month for the next year.  When August 2015 rolls around, I will create a new set in addition to a supplement set for each month thereafter.  Feel free to laminate and keep your cards for use again next year, and you should only need the supplement set for most of the months.

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